About me

15/12/2018 update: “Active” trading using my CFD/Forex account at BossaFX. I’m closing my open positions at IKE and IKZE accounts in order to switch the strategy to dividend investing based on WIGdiv index.

IKE and IKZE accounts are tax-sheltered vehicles and that’s the main reason to choosing them for polish stocks. This helps since my focus remains on US markets.

I’ve chosen Dom Maklerski Banku Polskiej Spółdzielczości because their provisions are the smallest I was able to find: 3.00zł / 0.13% – less fees equals less drag on longterm porftolio performance.

I have no formal education in finance, I’m a pure DIY investor since January 2016. Majority of my net worth is located in US markets (~88%) in dividend paying stocks which is my main strategy. My WSE (polish stock exchange) investments are more of a curiosity and minor diversification than focus due to small size of Poland’s economy – still it enabled me to practice more trading before switching to CFD/Forex.