Forex: end of the story

In the end the loss of first package was enough for me to indefinitely stop playing at forex markets. Maybe I’ll return someday, maybe I won’t – only time will tell.

My first trade was on 29/10/2018 and last on 30/01/2020 which makes my “career” last slightly longer than a year. During this time I’ve practically emptied the account (first “package”) with a total loss of -91.32%. Guess my place is among other forex traders that loose most of their funds while committing to this endeavor . Here’s a graphic representation of my descent:

In the interim I’ve lost all fun from the play, maybe what is coming next is some sort of “excuse” or “rationalization” and so be it, here are my thoughts:

  • lost virtually all funds from first package = I’m a loosing player
  • maybe I could improve but who knows how much time, effort (and funds) I’d have to sacrifice?
  • my more traditional investments are doing well (generating profits) with less time and nerves required
  • free time can be spent on other interests

The first rule of investing is “protect your capital (don’t loose)”, second is to adhere to the first one – I’ve reflected upon myself and learnt a lot about who I am and who I am not, in the end that knowledge was well worth the money.

However I’m not in a mood to repeat this kind of adventure any time soon 😉