Ichimoku: shorting EURAUD

Not very fond of final outcome but it’s still an improvement over last trades…

I’ve returned to trading on 28th of May and opened 2 positions, at the moment EURAUD is closed – of course one could’ve played it significantly better.

Flat Senkou Span B, ADX after “topping” growth, price flatlining, enough space for downward move and we are slightly below Tenkan – sell.

The price went down quite fast and then started bouncing off the Kijun – unfortunately I’ve ignored these signals. Didn’t bother to take notice of high wicks of both Tuesday and Wednesday candles (3rd & 2nd from the right). Greed kicked in and I’ve counted on price breaking the Kijun – that scenario didn’t play out and I was left with scrambling for at least a breakeven.

After pondering “holding on” I’m glad of my decision to close on Thursday – otherwise I’d be left with a loss for the weekend.

Finally the transaction looked like below, it’s quite sad I’ve not managed to profit on it despite multiple visible signs – one has to only look at how “evenly” spread were the wicks in Kijun area.