Ichimoku: USDJPY at D1 pt 3

Still fighting but with an impression of deja vu…

USDJPy sell 26-02 + 04-03-2019

Slightly flat week again then violent Thursday and defence on Friday. Frankly speaking I’m only hanging on because of that last day before weekend break – otherwise I’d already close the whole transaction and call it quits, the swap is starting to hurt real bad. I’d say that closing at Kijun (with minor loss) was a better call than staying in but that’s in the past now. Unfortunately time isn’t in my favor in this case.

Value in pips shows the overall history (despite not counting the negative swap) – just please remember that from -118.5 there are 2 open positions in the same direction (2X sell).

This is my longest forex transaction to date and despite negative outcome (due to my mistakes) it kinda feels quite comfortable – that’s a good sign for future trades, maybe I’ll be closer to profitability after fixing some errors? 😉