How to select (dividend) stocks on polish exchange (WSE – Warsaw Stock Exchange)?

After my Grupa ┼╗ywiec analysis I’ve decided to look for easier method of selecting polish dividend stocks traded at WSE. That’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t see reasonable returns on time spent versus US analysis which is my weapon of choice in this battle for financial freedom.

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Financial Independence / Investing Inspirations

This blog and my investing career wouldn’t start without those sites – it’s a homage.

Mr Money Moustache (MMM) – this is where it all began! All because of some clickbait article in some random mail when I actually had time to spare lead me to this awesome place. Five years worth of archives were a real blast to read and style of this gentleman was to my great liking.

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Gaming background

Since gaming was a bigger part of my adolescent and adult life it should be fitting to start from there. My first recollection is about some joystick configuration program being run from Norton Commander – it came with some basic platform-type game so one could check whether joystick worked properly. It also had keyboard input enabled just in case and I’ve used that to play that game instead of continuing with callibration.

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