Rest and April outlook

After relaxing for some time due to closing of USDJPY play it’s time to get back into business…

I’ve been inactive for a week now but since I’m refreshed and there seems to be a play brewing on the British pound I’ll be closely watching both GBPUSD and GBPJPY.

Both look like a trend change into a bearish movement, however the current location of the last candle slightly above the bullish Kumo and ADX markings close or above the 45 threshold hint at a minor upward move.

GBPUSD seems more convincing because ADX is markedly higher than in GBPJPY case with candles and Kumos being very similar. However the daily ranges are quite substantial and extra caution is advised. Also I’m not really that keen on the British pound overall due to current political circumstances but I’ll take whatever I can get out of this situation – I’m waiting for a Monday candle though, don’t want to jump the gun.